New You Neuromuscular Dentures


People who have traditional dentures are usually unhappy with them. They’re uncomfortable, unattractive, fall out, and don’t allow you to eat many of the foods you used to enjoy. Dentures are an ancient technology, and, except for their materials, traditional dentures haven’t changed much since their invention. But we offer advanced dentures options that utilize the latest technologies in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry to create dentures that are more comfortable, very attractive, stable, and highly functional. We offer New You Neuromuscular Dentures to provide the best denture experience possible.

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Designing the Perfect Fit

One of the biggest problems with traditional dentures is that they don’t fit properly. That’s because the fit process isn’t very comprehensive. It’s worst for economy dentures. These dentures are designed to be cheap so they are mass-produced in a few sizes. When you get this type of denture, your dentist will select the size that’s closest to right (though usually a little bit small or a little bit large) and shape them to your gums. They may fit your gums, but they likely don’t fit your mouth.

With traditional dentures, more care is taken to make sure that the dentures fit your mouth. In addition to impressions of your gums, your dentist will take measurements of your mouth, and the dentures are manufactured to fit in there. But these dentures are often not designed to fit your face and jaw muscles.

With neuromuscular dentures, we actually take measurements of these muscles. We strive to make sure that your dentures will put your jaw in a comfortable, relaxed position. In fact, we recruit these muscles to help secure your dentures in place. The result is that you have dentures that fit your entire face. They restore your natural proportions. And they are both more secure and more comfortable. This can make it easier to eat a wide variety of foods.


The Most Attractive Dentures We Can Design

Dentures also vary widely in their appearance. Economy dentures are little better than the wind-up teeth toys you may remember from old cartoons. The teeth and gums are both plastic and undifferentiated: they all look the same.

Traditional dentures are a little better. They can be somewhat customized for you. They may even have ceramic teeth. But the base is usually a flat plastic that is not really meant to be seen.

But with our cosmetic dentures, we use the latest and most attractive materials and manufacturing techniques. The teeth are made of highly attractive ceramic–a material very similar to that used in some porcelain veneers. The base is also made to be very attractive. It’s manufactured with a special layering technique that gives it the same translucency as natural gums, and it even has inclusions that mimic blood vessels in the gums.

Restoring Your Youthful Appearance

One of the essential causes of an aged appearance is the loss of volume in the mouth. Your skin, muscles, and other tissues developed as your teeth developed, and you achieve your youthful, mature appearance about the same time your jaw stops growing. But as we get older, our teeth wear down and we lose volume in our jawbone. This causes the bony support of the lower third of the face to shrink, but the skin stays the same size. This leads to folding around the mouth, and an apparent sinking of the fat pads in the cheeks. As the jaw moves up, the jawline disappears between jowls and “turkey neck” skin that used to be taut around the jaw but now hangs loose. As you actually lose your teeth, your jawbone shrinks further, and these signs of aging worsen.

Most dentures don’t fully replace the lost volume, so you end up looking much older. But with New You Neuromuscular Dentures, we can fully replace that lost volume, restoring your face to its youthful proportions.

before dentures
after dentures
after dentures
before dentures
after dentures

Combine with Dental Implants for Maximum Benefits

Dental implants are probably the best innovation in dentistry in the last century. Dental implants allow for your dentures to be fully secure in your mouth–they are incapable of falling out of place.

We can combine cosmetic neuromuscular dentures with dental implants to maximize the chewing and functional benefits. Plus, implants will stop the shrinkage of your jawbone so you’ll retain your more youthful appearance longer.

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