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Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD) is a jaw dysfunction that can have serious and wide-ranging effects. Damaged teeth, jaw pain, ringing in the ears, and headaches are just a few of its symptoms.

If your jaw or face hurts on a regular basis, it might be because of TMJ. Proper diagnosis and treatment of TMJ can reduce or eliminate your jaw pain.

TMJ can trigger tension headaches and even migraines. Many doctors don’t make the connection, but drug-free TMJ treatment can help resolve these painful problems.

Snoring is more than a nuisance: it can be a major disturbance in your home. It can also be a sign of sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening condition. We offer treatment to relieve the sound and health risks of sleep disordered breathing.

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Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry focused on improving the appearance of your smile, mouth, and face. When it comes to your smile, health and beauty are complementary.

Sometimes it takes more than one cosmetic dentistry procedure to achieve the smile appearance you desire. That’s when we design a custom smile makeover with all the procedures needed to achieve your goals.

Porcelain veneers can beautify your smile in many ways: repair chips, close gaps, whiten discolored teeth, build up small or worn teeth, and more. They’re beautiful and highly durable.

Discolored teeth are one of the most common complaint people have about the appearance of their smile. Teeth whitening can improve the appearance of teeth discolored by stains.

Are you unhappy with the appearance of old restorations that used to look nice? We can remove these old restorations and give you fresh new ones that you will love.

If you had cavities filled several years ago, you may have metal amalgam or gold fillings that you are unhappy with now. We can remove these and replace them with ceramic or composite fillings.

Discolored, damaged, and worn teeth can make you look years older. Renewing your smile can rejuvenate your appearance without surgical risks, recovery, or scars.

If your teeth have been damaged by wear, accidents, or jaw disorders, you may require an extensive amount of reconstruction. We can restore the health, beauty, and function of your teeth.

Dentures don’t have to look like dentures anymore! Get dentures that look beautiful, function great, and fit comfortably. And you’ll enjoy a more youthful appearance, almost like getting a facelift.

Traditional dentures have changed materials since the 18th century, but little else. We offer many options that utilize the most advanced modern technology to provide beautiful, comfortable, functional, and secure dentures.

Dental implants are tooth replacements that look and function just like natural teeth. You can eat all your favorite foods and just have to brush and floss normally–plus they can last a lifetime!

Are you unhappy with the thought of having gaps in your smile after you have teeth extracted? Don’t worry–you can have dental implants placed at the same time your natural teeth are removed. Your smile will never have a gap!

CT scans allow us to map out the bone structure of your jaw before we place dental implants. This allows us to plan full mouth replacements of your teeth with unequalled accuracy. Instead of removable dentures, you can enjoy stable, strong, and beautiful implant bridges.

Most people have some level of dental anxiety. If your anxiety makes you avoid needed dental treatments, sedation dentistry can help you relax at the dentist so you can maintain the health and beauty of your smile.

Do you hate being numb all day after a dental visit? OraVerse can resolve numbness in half the time so you can eat, drink, and talk normally again.

General dentistry refers to dental procedures focused mainly on preventing and treating oral disease. It overlaps cosmetic dentistry and other specialized approaches.

Lasers have made a big impact on many aspects of dentistry, including the treatment of gum disease. Lasers reduce discomfort and speed healing after gum disease treatment.

Metal amalgam fillings look as bad as cavities, and they can be bad for teeth. Tooth colored fillings allow us to repair cavities, maintaining the health and beauty of your smile at the same time.

When a tooth is too damaged and needs more than a filling, a dental crown is usually the best restoration. A crown covers the entire tooth, offering protection, support, and an attractive appearance.

Oral cancer screening lets us detect cancerous lesions early, when they’re easy to treat successfully. As part of your checkup, we can shine a special light that will illuminate suspicious tissue for further analysis.