“Thank you Dr. Green and Dr. Dustin Van Tassell for my wonderful, healthy smile! It’s something I would have never ever dreamed of having. My gratitude is immeasurable.”


Wichita Falls, TX

“I had a big gap between my front teeth and with time those front teeth started to turn yellow. I was embarrassed of my smile. I finally decided to call StarImage Dentistry. It has been the best experience of my life. I got a new smile with the shape and color of teeth I wanted. Now, I love my smile!”


Wichita Falls, TX

“The doctors and staff at StarImage Dentistry truly are at the pinnacle of dental technology. It never ceases to amaze me how precise their dental restorations are. Your smile is probably your most important personal asset and by keeping your teeth and gums in good condition you are protecting yourself from damage to ALL of your major organs, thus leading to a healthy lifestyle. They are a definite credit to the dental profession.”


Wichita Falls, TX

“Working with Dr. Dustin Van Tassell has been such a pleasure! It was nice to go back and regain that youthful appearance. I would recommend StarImage Dentistry to anyone who wants to improve their smile.”


Wichita Falls, TX

“I had a lot of problems with my jaw and my teeth were chipping because my bite was incorrect. The turning point was the Saturday morning I woke up and my jaw was locked shut. I came to the office and they used a machine that allowed the doctor to see what was the right position of my jaw. My treatment involved tensing, and porcelain veneers which lengthened my teeth and put my bite in the correct position. It has been a dramatic improvement to my life and my appearance.”


Wichita Falls, TX

“My two front teeth were larger than normal and the two next to them significantly smaller. It took two visits to get veneers and it totally changed my high school experience. You have no idea the response I got at school, both from teachers and other students. They all loved my new smile. In my senior year I was voted “best colgate smile”. Thank You StarImage Team.”


Wichita Falls, TX

“I am in sales and now I realize that your smile does make a difference in the way customers relate to you. Before, I would not want to smile and show my teeth. After I got my beautiful smile, I feel more confident and want to smile and show off my teeth. It was a painless procedure and the doctors were amazing!”


Wichita Falls, TX

“ I no longer have TMJ problems! It was a process of about six months that involved tensing and then finding the right position for my jaw. I could not be happier. I think Dr. Green is fantastic and I like the fact that he is in Wichita Falls. His staff is the kindest and sweetest group of people. I am delighted to be a part of their dental family.”


Wichita Falls, TX

“I had hereditary bad teeth and never wanted to smile. In my job I needed to be able to smile and speak to my customers and associates in a pleasing manner. I heard about the doctors at StarImage Dentistry and saw some of the things they could do so I decided to give them a call. The process was short and pain free. And the results were amazing. Now, I smile all the time. It has changed my life!”


Cleburne, TX