Benefits of CT Guided Dental Implants

At StarImage Dentistry, we utilize iCAT Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans. This offers many benefits for our patients, including:

  • Quick scans
  • Detailed scans
  • Open environment–no claustrophobic enclosure
  • Cheaper than hospital CT scans
  • No exploratory surgery
  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • Quicker procedure

With iCAT CBCT, we can get a scan in less than a minute. Hospital CT scanners take longer because they are looking at larger structures. iCAT also has the benefit of being a cone beam, which allows it to take very detailed images. iCAT creates an image whose pixels can be as little as 1/200th of an inch!

iCAT is designed as an open platform–you don’t have to go inside the tube environment like with hospital CT scans.

Because we do the CT scans in our office, you are saved additional fees. We can keep costs down for you.

With no exploratory surgery or complicated manual measurements, we can plan and perform your procedure more efficiently. With our software, we can move from a precise scan to a precise treatment plan that includes all stages of treatment, from your implants to your restorations.

This gives us the opportunity to perform a faster, better procedure with lower risks of complications.

CT Guided Single Implants

CT scans let us plan single implants that are better for you. With a CT scan, we can make an informed decision about whether you would benefit from a bone graft or not. It also allows us to perform surgery that avoids the roots of neighboring teeth as well as nerves in your jawbone.

We can also create a surgical guide that ensures accurate placement of the implant, and allows us to design the implant and restoration together.

CT Guided Full Mouth Restoration

CT scans help us develop a full mouth restoration plan that is customized to the true structure of your jawbone. By planning all your dental implants using a CT scan, we can determine how much force each implant is likely to be able to support and make sure we have enough implants to do the job.

As with single implants, a full mouth restoration uses CT scans to create a precise surgical guide that speeds up the procedure and ensures that implants are placed as necessary to match the implant bridge.

Learn How CT Can Improve Your Implant Procedure

To understand how CT scans can improve your own dental implant procedure, you need to talk to an implant dentist. We will talk about the details of your treatment plan and how CT scans can help us improve it.

To schedule your appointment with an Wichita Falls implant dentist, please call 940-322-2252 or contact us today for an appointment at StarImage Dentistry.