The Smile Makeover Process

We take a smile makeover in several steps to make sure we get the results you’re looking for. Typically, we will:

  • Discuss your goals and limitations
  • Propose options and make a digital mock-up (sometimes a wax mock-up, too)
  • Perform treatments in appropriate sequence
  • Confirm proper bite

During your consultation, we will always start by listening to your cosmetic goals. You can start by talking about the aspects of your smile that you don’t like, or you can tell us first about what you’re trying to achieve.

It’s also important that you discuss any limitations you may have on your smile makeover. Some people have a certain budget that they are restricted to. We can often use less expensive alternatives to get the results you want. And we can help you understand financing options that may help you fit the smile makeover you desire into your budget. Other people may have time limitations: they need to get it done completed before a certain date. We can take that into account and use procedures that will allow you to get the results you want, often in less than a month–sometimes even on the same day!

Once we have discussed your cosmetic goals, we will design one or more digital mock-ups to help you see the endpoint of your treatment. This can help you decide between some treatment options and give you a visual aid when discussing the procedures with friends and family.

Depending on the combination of procedures we are using, we will design a logical sequence to complete your smile makeover. We can also decide to perform your smile makeover in phases to help your budget. It can also help you decide whether you want all or only some of the procedures you are considering.

As a final step, we will confirm that your restorations fit harmoniously in your healthy bite. Using T-Scan, we will measure the bite forces on all your teeth. This confirms that none of the restorations are being subjected to excess force that could cause them to chip, wear, or break. This helps ensure that your smile makeover will feel comfortable and that the results will last for a long time.

Dramatic Changes or Subtle Shifts

Many people are worried that their smile makeover will look fake or that everyone will know they had their smile redone. This depends on how you want your smile makeover to be done. Some people want their smile makeover to be a dramatic change: they want a smile that is brighter, larger, and draws attention. If you want this kind of result, it’s more likely that people will see the change and know you’ve had cosmetic dentistry.

Other people may want to improve the appearance of their smile subtly. We can do this, too. With slight changes we can make your smile significantly more attractive. People are more likely to notice that your appearance has changed, but not know how. They’ll attribute your more attractive and youthful appearance to a vacation, better sleep, weight loss, or maybe even cosmetic surgery.

During your consultation, we can talk about these concerns and ensure you get the smile makeover you desire.

Is It Time for Your Smile Makeover?

If you think the time is right for your smile makeover, there’s no time like now to get the process started. To begin your smile makeover process, please call 940-322-2252 or contact us today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at StarImage Dentistry in Wichita Falls.