Benefits of OraVerse in Wichita Falls

Local anesthesia does its job very well for most people. With local anesthesia, most people are able to get dental procedures without discomfort. However, the lingering effects of anesthesia can have negative consequences.

People who are numb can bite their cheeks, tongue, or lips. This can actually be quite serious: you don’t know how hard you’re biting because you are still numb. Some people may bite themselves accidentally while chewing. Others have a nervous habit of biting themselves, but may bite harder than usual because they are numb and don’t know how hard they’re biting.

Another potential danger is drinking hot liquids. If you enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, you probably make it too hot to drink at first. Normally, you know not to drink it, but only sip until it is cooled. If you are numb, you might drink it not knowing how hot it really was. And because your lips are numb, you also might spill it on yourself.

Other people feel very embarrassed about the numbness that comes with local anesthesia. If you’re already sensitive about your speech or experience drooling when you’re numbed, it can cause problems, especially if you have to go back to work after an appointment.

With OraVerse, you are able to cut the recovery time from numbness in half, so there’s less risk of injury or embarrassment because of your numbness.

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How Does OraVerse Work?

OraVerse is injected after your dental work is complete. The injection is performed in your numbed area, so you won’t feel it at all.

The length of time it takes for numbness to wear off depends on your body’s ability to eliminate the anesthesia molecules from the injection site. The drug in OraVerse is known to expand the blood vessels in a local area. This helps your body remove anesthesia from the affected site.
OraVerse may also help your body break down the anesthesia molecules or interfere with their action.

Is OraVerse 

OraVerse is proven to be safe and effective for adults, teens, and even children over the age of six. OraVerse is a new application of an old drug, which has been used safely in the US since 1952. It has a very well established safety profile, with a low risk of side effects, especially in this application.

Get Back to Life Faster

Putting your life on hold for dental care is nobody’s first choice of how to spend a day. But with OraVerse, you can remove the last lingering effects of a dental appointment faster. That will let you get back to doing the things you enjoy without worrying about a slurred voice, drooling, or other side effects of anesthesia.

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