The first step to getting treated for sleep apnea is getting diagnosed. If you have yet to receive a diagnosis, our dentists at StarImage Dentistry will refer you to a sleep specialist, clinic or physician to administer a sleep test. Most patients prefer to take a home sleep test since they can take it in the comfort of their own bed. We’ve listed what you can expect with a home sleep test below.

Getting Ready for the Home Sleep Test

The first step to getting ready for your home sleep test is putting the belt on. The belt is responsible for monitoring your heart while you sleep. The belt should be placed around the ribs and under the breasts. Once you’ve put on the belt, you need to put on the nasal cannula. Place the prongs into your nostrils and ensure the curved side points towards the back of your nose. Then loop the plastic tubing around your ears and pull the slider towards your chin until the plastic tubing is nice and secure and comfortable.

Next, place your finger on the pulse oximeter. This needs to be worn on the same side of the body as the oximeter clip. You should wear the finger sensor on your index finger of the non-dominate hand. If it’s too uncomfortable, try using a different finger. Using medical tape, position the wires along the backside of your hand and up your arm.

Starting the Home Sleep Test

Now that you have everything on, you can start your test! Press and hold the power button for about three seconds until it turns on. You will notice all of the lights turn green. If one or more turn red, this means one of the accessories are set up incorrectly. If everything is green, climb into bed and get ready for sleep. Keep the device running all night long even if you have to go to the bathroom or get up for any reason. You can remove the oximeter finger sensor if you need to wash your hands. Just be sure to put it back on afterward.

Finishing the Home Sleep Test

After you wake up in the morning you will need to hold the power button for three seconds until it turns off. Most home sleep tests request you use the test for two nights to have the most accurate results possible. You will need to follow the same instructions again.

After you return your home sleep test, a physician will review your data. They will then let you know if you have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder and let you know how severe it is. From here, we can help you get fitted with a custom oral appliance to wear every night to stop snoring for good!

If you suspect you have sleep apnea and need a home sleep test, please contact our dental office in Wichita Falls for a referral to a sleep physician. We will then happily provide you with the right sleep treatment for your needs.