At StarImage Dentistry, led by Dr. James Green and Dr. Dustin Van Tassell, we understand that the heart of modern dental care lies in our technology. Our commitment to top-tier dental services is reflected in our investment in the latest dental technologies.

These advancements elevate the quality of care we offer and ensure a more comfortable and efficient experience for you, our valued patients. Let’s explore how our state-of-the-art technology makes a difference in your dental journey.

Planmeca ProMax 3D: Revolutionizing Dental Diagnostics and Treatment

The Planmeca ProMax 3D is a remarkable leap forward in dental imaging technology. Its capabilities include:

  • High-Resolution 3D Imaging: Offering crystal-clear views for accurate diagnostics.
  • Comfortable Environment: Designed to reduce feelings of claustrophobia.
  • Reduced Radiation Exposure: Approximately 90% less than traditional CT scans.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Accessibility: Eliminating the need for expensive hospital visits.

This technology plays a crucial role in improving various dental procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, and diagnosing sleep apnea, to name a few. With this advanced equipment in Wichita Falls, we save you the inconvenience of traveling long distances for high-quality imaging.

CT-Guided Implants: The Future of Implantology

CT-guided implant technology marks a new era in dental implant surgery. This method ensures:

  • Accurate Implant Placement: Enhanced precision for optimal results.
  • Reduced Surgical Risks: Minimizing complications for safer procedures.
  • Customized Treatment Planning: Tailored to each patient’s unique dental structure.

By integrating CT-guided implants into our practice, we offer you the most advanced, safe, and precise dental implant experience possible.

TMJ Technology (BioPak): A New Era in TMJ Treatment

At StarImage Dentistry, we offer comprehensive treatment of TMJ disorders. Our BioPak technology suite plays a pivotal role in this, providing precise diagnostic and treatment capabilities. By understanding the dynamics of your jaw joints and muscles, we tailor treatments that bring you relief from symptoms like migraines, jaw pain, and bruxism.

Electromyography (EMG) and Jaw Tracker (JT-3D)

  • EMG: A non-invasive tool to assess muscle function during rest, clenching, and chewing.
  • Jaw Tracker (JT-3D): Offers detailed insights into jaw movement and alignment, vital for effective treatment planning.

Combining these technologies ensures a holistic approach to your dental health, focusing on the harmony of muscles, joints, and teeth.

TENS Therapy and T-Scan Occlusal Analysis

  • TENS Therapy: This innovative therapy uses gentle electrical pulses for pain relief and muscle relaxation, enhancing comfort during dental procedures.
  • T-Scan Occlusal Analysis: A game-changer in achieving the perfect bite, T-Scan provides real-time data on bite force and balance.

These technologies allow us to fine-tune treatments, ensuring aesthetic perfection and functional harmony, which is essential for long-term oral health.

LightWalker Hard and Soft ALL Tissue Laser: A Leap in Dental Surgery

The LightWalker Laser represents the pinnacle of dental surgical technology. It’s notable for:

  • Precision: Accurately targets treatment areas with minimal impact on surrounding tissues.
  • Comfort: Reduces pain and discomfort during and after procedures.
  • Rapid Healing: Promotes faster recovery with less bleeding and infection risk.

This technology is adept for various procedures, from periodontal treatments to cosmetic enhancements, offering a gentler, more efficient treatment experience.

MLS Laser Therapy: Enhancing Oral Health and Recovery

MLS Laser Therapy offers a non-invasive, effective solution for oral health issues like cold sores, ulcers, and TMJ disorders. Utilizing low-level laser energy, this therapy gently stimulates tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, and accelerates healing post-procedure, ensuring our patients a more comfortable recovery experience.

Advanced Diagnostics: Digital X-rays and VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

We employ Digital Dental X-rays for precise diagnosis and treatment planning, offering clear, detailed images for better evaluations. The VELscope system, a non-invasive oral cancer screening tool, is vital in early detection, significantly enhancing treatment success. These technologies allow patients to be more involved in their oral health decisions.

Anesthesia Technologies: Comfort and Precision in Dental Care

We prioritize your comfort with advanced anesthesia technologies:

  • The Wand: A computerized system for precise and comfortable anesthesia delivery.
  • Anutra Buffered Anesthesia: Quickly neutralizes the acidity in anesthesia for a more comfortable injection and faster effectiveness.

These technologies are part of our commitment to ensuring a stress-free dental experience for our patients.

OraVerse: Reducing Post-Procedure Numbness

To enhance your post-treatment experience, we offer OraVerse:

  • Rapid Recovery: Quickly neutralizes local anesthesia to reduce recovery time.
  • Improved Comfort: Minimizes the inconvenience of prolonged numbness, allowing you to resume normal activities sooner.

Our Commitment to Advanced Dental Care

Our adoption of cutting-edge technologies underscores our commitment to providing exceptional dental care. From diagnostic tools to treatment methods, our technology-driven approach is geared toward enhancing the quality, comfort, and efficiency of your dental experience.

We invite you to experience modern technology’s difference in dental care and encourage you to ask us about these technologies during your next visit. Call us at 940-322-2252 or complete our online contact form today!