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Gum Disease Linked to COVID-19 Complications

One year after the first person in the US became infected with COVID-19, we now know much more about the virus than before. Although we’re still unsure what long-term COVID-19 complications people will experience, we know which health problems put people at a higher risk of complications. One of these health problems that can [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Inflammation

Bacterial infections spread throughout the body, so it’s a little leap of logic to consider that an infection in your mouth might affect other parts of you. For many years, scientists believed that oral bacteria alone was the primary culprit in linking {{{{link id='58' text='gum disease'}}}} to other systemic diseases, but according to the [...]

3 Practices for Healthy Gums

Believe it or not, the {{{{link id='58' text='health of your gums'}}}} is a dentist’s number one priority. That’s because not only is gum disease the number one cause of tooth loss in the world, there is decades of evidence-based research showing an association between the health of a person’s gums and the overall health of [...]

Link Between Gum Disease Bacteria and Alzheimer’s

{{{{link id='58' text='Gum disease or periodontal disease'}}}} is a serious and widespread condition amongst Americans, especially seniors. According to a CDC report, an estimated 47 percent of adults 30 or older have gum disease, as do nearly 70 percent of of adults over 65. An inflammatory disease affecting the soft and hard structures which [...]

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