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How to Avoid Rebound Headaches

Medications are supposed to reduce or eliminate your pain from headaches. Unfortunately, sometimes the opposite can happen: your medications actually ending up causing headaches. These medication overuse or rebound headaches can be very difficult to manage, so it’s best to avoid them when possible.Here are some tips for avoiding rebound headaches. Follow [...]

Find The Right Migraine Treatment

If you suffer from frequent migraines , we don’t need to tell you how terrible they can be. The head-splitting pain, the nausea and sound sensitivity: they’re enough to drive you over the edge. Especially if they cause you to miss work or, worse, lose out on family time with loved ones. But [...]

The Right Treatment: Identify Your Headaches

Frequent headaches can be one of the most frustrating things you experience, especially when it feels as if treatment options are limited. The problem, of course, is the widely varying nature of headaches. While some headache sufferers may find sinus medication to be an apt treatment, others may find that treating their [...]

New Hope for Migraine Sufferers?

Suffering from migraines can be a lonely and isolating. Not only do they cause you to take time off work in order to seclude yourself in the bedroom with the lights off, but they can impair your productivity between attacks. Migraines can go misdiagnosed or under treated for years. That’s because [...]

The Difficulty of Migraines

On top of being painful and demotivating, Migraines are costly. Last year alone the US lost almost $75 billion in productivity. Worse, according to a YouGov poll facilitated in the UK, sixty-four percent of adults interviewed believe their employers don’t understand the severity of migraines and their effects of staff. What this [...]

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