Gum Disease

Can Tongue Piercings Damage Teeth?

Tongue piercings have gone in and out of style over the past few decades, but it seems like they’re back once again. For parents of children in their teens or early twenties, this might be a point of contention. If you include yourself among this group of parents, you might have some more ammunition. Although [...]

Can Mouth Bacteria Hurt Your Lungs?

Bacteria are everywhere, and while this can be creepy to think about, they are completely necessarily. In fact, if all bacteria were to suddenly disappear, most life of earth would cease to be, and those that were left would probably starve soon after. That being said, our relationship to bacteria is a [...]

They’re Everywhere! Mouth Bacteria and Where to Find Them

The mouth is a weird place. Like a rainforest, it’s dark, damp, and a little bit mysterious, supporting between 500 to 1,000 different types of bacteria. In fact, if you were to count the number of bacteria living inside your mouth at one time, that number would probably be close to the total number of [...]

Healthy Teeth + Healthy Gums = Partners for Life

When thinking about our own oral health, we often forget about everything but our teeth. The truth is, however, that teeth are only a fraction of our oral health. Factors such as our mouth’s microbiome, and the gum tissue that protects our teeth, can actually be more important to having an overall happy mouth. What [...]