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Get Your Smile Back in Just 3 Steps!

It’s normal for your teeth to experience some changes over the years. As you age, you might not even recognize the teeth behind your smile anymore. That’s okay. At StarImage Dentistry, our Wichita Falls reconstructive dentists have the skills, experience, and expertise you need to transform your smile into one that makes [...]

What Type of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment is Right For You?

Spending more and more time on video chats with friends, family, and coworkers has caused a lot of people to look at their own smile more than they’re used to. At this point in your life, you might have wondered what type of cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for you. At StarImage [...]

Five Tips for that Perfect, Photogenic Smile

In today’s day and age of social media, capturing the perfect photo is more important than ever, especially if you’re traveling somewhere special or have the perfect backdrop. Unfortunately, one thing can make or break your photo: your smile. Whether you need help learning how to make yourself smile, Learn How to Smile Again With Cosmetic Dentistry

4 Leading Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past twenty-years, cosmetic dental technology has advanced phenomenally, making it possible for anyone to achieve that perfect, photogenic smile. New materials, cutting-edge technology, and improved procedures have made fixing issues like chipped teeth, staining, or a crooked smile, easier than ever. But what about the most recent trends? Cosmetic dentistry differs [...]

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