Why Get Your Teeth-in-a-Day Done in Wichita Falls

If you live in Wichita Falls or in the surrounding towns, you might be tempted to drive into Dallas when you want a procedure like Teeth in a Day implant dentures. But the truth is that there’s no reason for that. In fact, there are good reasons to get the procedure done right here.

We Have the Advanced Technology

You might think, “A practice in Dallas will have more advanced technology than one here in Wichita Falls.” But that’s not the case. At StarImage Dentistry, we have all the leading technologies necessary to deliver the most accurate, reliable results possible. This includes iCAT 3D imaging, an elite form of cone beam computed tomography. This gives us a 3D image of your jawbone so we can precisely plan your dental implants procedure. And the technology is so advanced that you don’t have to be inside a confining tube, and there’s much less radiation than with medical CT scanners.

We also have the tools to precisely measure your bite to ensure that the final results fit together and function comfortably. We have brought this elite technology here so none of our patients have to travel to get a world-class dental implant procedure.

We Have the Advanced Training

You might think “Dentists in Dallas have more training than one here in Wichita Falls.” But that’s not the case, either. Not only are our dentists trained in the use of the Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, completing thousands of hours of training above and beyond the basic dental degree. But they include the only two LVI-trained dentists in Northern Texas. The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies is a world-renowned dental training center, and our dentists have been honored with the prestigious honor of being named a Fellow by this institution.

We Have the Experience

You might think, “Dentists in Dallas perform more of these procedures than dentists here in Wichita Falls.” That’s not true. Here at StarImage Dentistry, our dentists have decades of experience performing all kinds of advanced dental procedures, including Teeth-in-a-Day. You would be hard pressed to find a dentist in the US, let alone in Dallas, who has the experience you’ll find at StarImage Dentistry. We have handled cases like yours, and we’ve gotten great results for our patients.

You are in good hands here.

And We’re Your Neighbors

Plus, getting your procedure done in Wichita Falls has many benefits of its own. First, it’s here, so it’s very convenient. There’s no two-hour drive to do before and after your procedure. You can sleep in, have your procedure, and get back home with daylight to spare.

And it’s good to have a local dentist who performed your procedure. The risk of complications is so small, that it’s hardly a consideration, but if there is a problem, we can fix it right here. More important is being able to get regular checkups and cleanings from a dentist who knows your procedure exactly. It just makes for more quality care on a daily basis.

And because we’re your neighbors, we naturally care more. We know we have a duty to provide the best possible care to our neighbors, that’s just natural. And we know that we might be running into you at Market Street, and we want to see your beautiful smile, not end up getting shade thrown at us in Produce.

Schedule Your Procedure Today

If you can get the best quality care right here in Wichita Falls, why would you go anywhere else? If you’re still not convinced, all we ask is that you talk to us first, and you’ll see.

To schedule a consultation with an implant dentist at StarImage Dentistry, please call 940-322-2252 today for an appointment.

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