If you’ve lost a tooth – whether just today or years ago – you’ve likely researched all of the best ways to replace a tooth, how much it might cost you, whether it will really look natural and whether you’ll be able to resume life as it was before your beloved tooth went missing.

A missing tooth means a gap in your smile, and while that gap makes day to day functions like talking and eating more difficult, the most common reason patients want their missing tooth replaced comes down to confidence and the pursuit of a beautiful smile.

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The Major Benefits of Dental Implants

If you’ve done your research on dental implants, you probably know some of the basics: dental implants look totally natural and they don’t require any extra care, either. That’s a major fact, and makes dental implants quite attractive.

If you grew up watching your grandma pop out her dentures to soak them in water at night, you’re also likely drawn to the simple fact that implants are permanent. The dental implant procedure includes anchoring the implant into your jaw and capping it with a crown. That process makes your implant able to withstand wear and tear just like your natural teeth, and it also means you can’t accidentally pop out your tooth or need to remove it when you eat or sleep.

However, from a dentist’s perspective, one of the best features of dental implants isn’t how they look or how easy they are to take care of. Instead, it’s the fact that dental implants, unlike other tooth replacement methods like dentures, actually stimulate your jaw.

Without the jawbone, life would be much harder. Forget about eating, talking or even breathing properly – the jaw enables you to do all three. However, if the jaw doesn’t receive proper stimulation from the teeth, the jaw can weaken and, in the most extreme cases, deteriorate. Lack of proper jaw stimulation over long periods of time can even cause the connections between your teeth and jaw to weaken, and your teeth can loosen and fall out. While dentures, like the Denture Fountain of Youth® have their own benefits, they aren’t anchored into your jaw unless they are matched with dental implants, and that means the jaw isn’t getting what it needs from your teeth.

Restore Your Smile with Beauty and Utility

Not everyone is a perfect candidate for dental implants, but it’s undeniable: for those patients who are good candidates, dental implants provide the greatest number of benefits for your bone mass, appearance and even confidence. And our expert cosmetic dentists can help you see those results.

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