Vivacious Veneers

Once we have decided together that cosmetic veneers are the best option for you, the fun begins! In addition to your great new look, we will take into consideration your face shape and the porportions and symmetry of your face and smile.

We will look at these elements…

  • overall dimensions of your face
  • midline position of your teeth relative to the midline of your lips and face
  • position and fullness of your lips
  • tilt, angle, and curves of your teeth
  • color of your teeth enamel
  • contours of your gumline

Based on these dimensions, your occlusion (bite), and your preferred smile color, contours, and proportions, we can move on to decide what size, shape, and type of veneers will best complement your smile.

Veneers can immediately provide you with whiter, even, straighter appearing teeth by…


  • pitted, worn, and dingy or yellow teeth due to enamel erosion, foods, beverages, age, or medications
  • gaps that trap food and make you feel self-conscious about smiling
  • overlaps and crowding that create an accordion appearance, especially in profile
  • unsightly chips or cracks that catch on dental floss and attract stains like magnets.


  • an uneven or too-gummy gumline
  • teeth that appear too long due to receding gums
  • poorly shaped or sized teeth that don’t suit the proportions of your smile
  • worn down teeth from clenching and grinding or enamel erosion.
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