At StarImage Dentistry, we encourage any dental patient of ours or another dentist to get a second opinion for any diagnosis or treatment plan they receive. This is for many reasons. One, it helps you learn more about your condition from a different perspective. Two, it might open up other treatment options you weren’t presented before. And three, it helps you feel more confident in your treatment choice. One condition we highly encourage patients to get a second opinion for is TMJ/services/tmj-and-sleep-apnea’ target=’_top’ rel=’noopener’}}}}. An accurate diagnosis is a key to treating it most effectively to relieve your symptoms such as jaw pain and headaches. Learn why you should get a second opinion for your TMJ diagnosis and treatment plan.

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An Accurate Diagnosis

The temporomandibular joint disorder is one of the hardest conditions to diagnose. Unless you visit a dentist who specializes in TMJ treatment, they might not know to ask if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of TMJ/services/headaches-and-migraines’ target=’_top’ rel=’noopener’}}}} during your appointments. Many people can go years before they receive a diagnosis and the right treatment to finally bring them pain relief.

To help our patients receive the most accurate diagnosis, we use Myotronics TMJ Technology (K-7) to understand how your mouth works in harmony. This piece of dental technology looks at your jaw joints, bones, muscles, and nerves that your mouth relies on for alignment and proper occlusion. It helps us diagnose how your jaw joints and muscles function and the data we need to design and tweak your treatment.

We also use a T-Scan to diagnose TMJ and create your treatment plan. This technology measures your bite force on each tooth. This will tell us where imbalances take place so we know exactly what we need to do to help you achieve the most ideal bite. All of the information we draw from our dental technology helps us give our patients the most accurate TMJ diagnosis possible.

Weigh Different Treatment Options

How do you know if you’re receiving the best treatment option if you only visit one dentist? One dentist may simply just give you a mouth guard to wear at night to prevent you from grinding your teeth while our dental office will work to help the joints and muscles in your jaw work in harmony by restoring the balance to your bite. Make sure to ask your dentist about all the different treatment options they suggest so you can compare and contrast them once you receive a second opinion for TMJ.

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