The new year has traditionally been a time to cut out the bad habits of last year, and start new as the best version of yourself. Maybe that means less sugar, more gym. Or maybe that means more vegetables and less meat. For many, quitting smoking is at the top of their list.

Chances are that, if you smoke, you’ve already heard the litany of reasons why you shouldn’t. It can cause cancer, increase your risk of stroke, and the list goes on and on. If perhaps you’ve added oral health to your New Year’s resolutions, and were looking for a few more reasons to quit, then we have them.

If you’re hoping to look your best and feel great in 2021, then here are 3 reasons to quit smoking now.

3 Reasons to Quit Smoking in 2018 (Oral Health Edition)

Yellow Teeth

One of the most common side-effects of smoking is yellow teeth. That’s because the nicotine and other organic molecules present in cigarettes can act as a sticky staining agent which is hard to remove by simply brushing and flossing. For teeth that have become stained by smoking, teeth whitening is one of the only viable treatments. Using a chemical agent to dissolve substances that have become trapped in enamel, teeth whitening can help you feel less embarrassed and smile more. There are both in-office and take home kits available if time isn’t on your side. When take home kits are combined with an in-office treatment, however, your teeth can stay white for longer.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent chronic health conditions in the US, and has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack, cancer, and further loss of teeth. Smoking actually increases your chances of gum disease, as nicotine can disrupt the balance of organisms in your mouth. According to some statistics, smokers are 50% more likely to get gum disease than nonsmokers.

Smokers are even more likely to experience a serious consequence of gum disease: they are 2.5 to 3 times more likely to lose teeth than nonsmokers! And here’s a good reason to quit now: it can take 10-20 years for your tooth loss risk to recover.

Smoking Inhibits Healing

Whether the trauma is located in the body or the mouth, smoking can inhibit healing making certain oral procedures more difficult on the patient. If you’ve recently lost teeth, and were interested in dental implants, smoking can make it more difficult for your body to heal. It doesn’t necessarily disqualify you entirely, however. Patients seeking a reliable procedure to replace missing teeth should speak with their dentist.

If you’re feeling embarrassed by you teeth, don’t let smoking hold you back. Cut it out for 2021 and make your mouth happy! In the meantime, cosmetic dentistry can help.

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