You know that high blood pressure is bad for you, right? You know that it stresses your heart, damages your kidneys, and increases your risk of stroke. You may even be taking one or more medications or perhaps you’ve changed your lifestyle to address your elevated blood pressure.

But did you know that sleep apnea–when your breathing stops during sleep–shares many of the dangers? Most people don’t. And that’s why our sleep apnea infographic is so potentially valuable.


Shared Dangers

One of the most valuable aspects of our sleep apnea infographic is that it clearly shows the places where both conditions have shared dangers.

For example, high blood pressure increases your risk of many common heart problems, including heart failure and heart pain, angina. And sleep apnea can also increase those risks, too. Both conditions can increase your stroke risk, too. And both are associated with kidney damage. And both can threaten your sight.

Sleep apnea and hypertension are both associated with mood problems, such as depression and anxiety, and both can impact the sexual health of men and women, leading to diminished sexual function and desire.

Sleep Apnea May Be behind Hypertension

Part of the reason why the two conditions have such overlap is that sleep apnea might actually be causing your hypertension–or contributing to it. In sleep apnea, your breathing stops while you’re sleeping, perhaps hundreds of times a night. Each time, your brain commands your heart to beat faster to try to improve the oxygen supply. This elevates your blood pressure and strains your heart.

Studies have shown that people with sleep apnea have an elevated risk of high blood pressure. And if your blood pressure isn’t responding to medication, it’s often because sleep apnea continues driving your hypertension. In these cases, it’s only treating sleep apnea that will allow you to resolve your hypertension.

Share the Graphic with Someone You Love

Another benefit of our sleep apnea graphic is that it’s easy to share with people to help them understand the serious risks they could be facing. If you know someone with elevated risk for sleep apnea, such as snoring, obesity, thick neck, or drug resistant hypertension, you can share this graphic with them so that they can see for themselves the dangers of not getting their conditions treated.

Looking for Sleep Apnea Treatment in Wichita Falls?

But if you or someone you love knows the dangers and is looking for sleep apnea treatment, we can help. Sleep apnea treatment doesn’t only mean CPAP, it can include oral appliances that are comfortable and convenient to wear.

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