A smile makeover is a custom-crafted approach to cosmetic dentistry that uses a hand-picked combination of procedures to give you the smile of your dreams. Often, we will use ceramic restorations like porcelain veneers or dental crowns to cover or reshape your natural teeth. As we said, there’s no one size fits all, so we’ll have to take a careful approach to consider the number of restorations that are best for your smile makeover.

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How Many Teeth Are Damaged?

We’ll start with the teeth we’ll definitely need to repair. Teeth can be damaged by decay, standard wear, erosion, trauma, or other causes. But if they are compromised in strength or in safety, the response must be the same: cover them with a restoration that will partly protect them and partly beautify them.

Erosion, wear, and some other causes tend to damage many of your teeth all at once. A smile makeover in this case may require many restorations, and sometimes all  teeth may be restored.

How Many Teeth Show?

Once we’ve decided on which teeth actually need to be restored, we can start figuring out which ones we want to restore to ensure you have a healthy, beautiful smile. You can do this part at home:

Look in a mirror and smile. Count how many teeth show. Smile in several degrees, from a minor smile to a full-blown grin. We have to consider how we will fit these into your smile results.

Are these teeth stained? Are they worn, chipped, or cracked? Do they go well together? Do any of them match? Are any good enough to remain uncovered? Do they have old, unattractive restorations?

Don’t forget to try talking in the mirror and note how many of your teeth may show in other areas, such as the back of the mouth, that don’t show when you’re smiling.

If you have one or more teeth you want to retain in your smile, we will use those as the basis for making your restorations.

Are Your Teeth Stained?

Tooth staining is very common, and it tends to increase with age. Common teeth stains don’t need to be covered with restorations. They will usually respond to teeth whitening. And then we can match your restorations to your whitened teeth.

However, if you have a tooth that is stained because of trauma to the tooth or because of defects in the enamel, the tooth will have to be covered. You can also decide that the whiteness you are able to achieve with your natural teeth is not bright enough. In that case, we will recommend that you cover your teeth with restorations, which allows you to achieve whatever whiteness you desire.

Is Your Bite Healthy?

If you have a healthy bite, we can focus mostly on the appearance of your smile when designing restorations.

But if you have an unhealthy or imbalanced bite, we may have to consider using restorations to build up and balance your bite. This means that, in addition to cosmetic restorations, we may recommend the use of dental crowns or other restorations on the back teeth, which can support your jaw in a healthier position.

This not only helps eliminate TMJ symptoms–it can help preserve your restorations by reducing the amount of force they’re subjected to.

Are You Ready to Discover Your StarImage Smile?

If you are unhappy with your smile, we can design a custom smile makeover that will give you a smile you will love to share. We will give you opportunities to tell us about your cosmetic and health goals, and we will design a smile makeover to match.

To find out more about your smile makeover in Wichita Falls, TX, please call 940-322-2252 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at StarImage Dentistry.