LightWalker Hard and Soft ALL Tissue Laser

StarImage Dentistry is proud to introduce the latest technological additon to our practice, the LightWalker Hard and Soft ALL Tissue Laser. We have been using lasers in our practice for 12 years and as with all new technology we bring in, the number one goal is the benefits it will offer to our patients.

Dental lasers have an immense benefit over traditional dental procedures. They offer a unique, high-tech, less invasive process. The LightWalker system offers little or no pain treatment of soft and hard tissues. Additionally it offers faster healing, bloodless and sutureless soft-tissue surgery, effective periodontal treatments, safe and efficient endodontic (root canal) treatment, and numerous cosmetic procedures.

In many cases we can quickly and gently remove tooth decay for fillings without the need for injections and anesthesia. This also results in decreased sensitivity afterwards.

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