Some people put off getting cosmetic dentistry because they think it’s a frivolous thing. But the truth is that few things can make as big a difference in your life as a smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry.

Your smile is about more than just your appearance, it’s about your personality and about your self-image. Transforming your smile can have far-reaching benefits far beyond just looking better, as patient Rae Ann learned when she got a smile makeover at StarImage Dentistry.

We Take a Personal Interest in Patients

Cosmetic dentistry patient, Rae Ann

Smile makeover patient, Rae Ann

We understand that talking to a cosmetic dentist about your smile can be difficult. You may be embarrassed about your current smile and you may worry that you will be judged about the appearance or health of your mouth.

You never have to worry about that at StarImage Dentistry. From the very first consultation, our primary concern is that you be completely taken care of, including your oral and emotional health. We make it our personal mission that you not only get a smile you’ll feel confident sharing, but that you’ll feel like smiling when your cosmetic dentistry is complete. You will get great results, but you will also have a great experience.

Rae Ann’s Smile Makeover

Rae Ann was very unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. She had several missing teeth in her upper jaw, and those that remained in the front of the mouth were discolored. She was so uncomfortable with the appearance of her teeth that she had just stopped smiling.

We replaced Rae Ann’s missing teeth with New You neuromuscular dentures. The results turned out great. She now has a beautiful, bright smile that she feels confident sharing.

A Life Transformed

Rae Ann’s smile makeover changed more than just her teeth. She had to learn how to smile again because she’d been avoiding it for so long. But she learned it brilliantly.  When she smiles now, she isn’t just smiling with her lips and teeth, her entire face is radiant with confidence. Practice makes perfect, and she is getting in a lot of smiling now. “I smile all the time,” she told us when we interviewed her for our Patient Spotlight.

Her friends and family have noticed the difference in her feelings and her behavior. She was also able to land a new job, one where she’s happier than before.

Are You Ready for Your Transformation in Wichita Falls?

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Does it make you feel self-conscious? Do you suppress your smile so much that you are afraid you might forget how?

Please call today to schedule an appointment with a Wichita Falls cosmetic dentist and start your smile transformation at StarImage Dentistry.