StarImage Dentistry is the leading center for dental implants in Wichita Falls, with expertise and technology that rivals practices in any major city. There’s no need to drive to Dallas or beyond to get quality dental implants. At StarImage Dentistry, we are prepared to deal with complex dental implant cases, as well as problems like a broken restoration on your dental implants.

Dental implants are very successful, and when properly cared for they can last a lifetime (upwards of 50 years!). However, the restoration on top of the dental implant, whether a single-tooth crown or multi-tooth denture, isn’t always as durable. While quality restorations can last 30 years or more, they are likely to fail before the implants themselves.

Fortunately, when this happens, it usually doesn’t mean you need new dental implants, just a new restoration.

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Why Dental Restorations Fail Before Implants

Why is it that the crown or denture on top of implants is likely to fail before the implants themselves? There are many factors that come into play.

First, it could be that the restoration wasn’t high quality. Some restorations, especially full dentures, aren’t made to withstand the full force of biting and chewing. They might be made like traditional dentures. Because people with traditional dentures have limited bite force, traditional dentures don’t have to be as strong. Plus, traditional dentures are only designed to last for about eight years or so. When these dentures are placed on top of dental implants, they won’t last as long as the implants themselves.

Dental restorations are also more vulnerable to trauma. They’re the visible part of the replacement tooth, so they’re more likely to be damaged from a fall, car accident, or other traumatic event.

Finally, dental implants integrate with the bone. They are supported, surrounded, and protected by the bone. This means they don’t have to bear the full force of biting and chewing alone. However, the restoration is exposed and must support itself. This can put them under adverse forces that can lead to wear and breakage.

Get a Replacement When You Notice a Break

Once a restoration has broken, you want to act quickly to get a replacement. This can help you keep your dental implants in place and functional for the new restoration.

Broken restorations can pose threats to your implants in many ways. First, a crack in the crown or denture can trap food and harbor bacteria. The bacteria can then attack your dental implants. Gum disease is the main threat to your dental implants–just as to natural teeth.

A broken restoration can also change the force on your dental implants. A restoration is designed to balance the force on your implants. When the restoration breaks, the forces change. This can mean that the implant is experiencing too much force, which can damage the bone around it, causing the implant to loosen. Other times, the broken restoration can put twisting force on the implant, which it’s not designed to handle. This can cause the implant to break or to separate from your bone.

For these reasons, it’s important to talk to a dentist about your implant or restoration if you notice changes. This includes:

  • Implant or restoration seems loose
  • Discernible crack or break in restoration
  • Restoration comes off (if it’s not supposed to)
  • Bite feels off
  • Removable denture is suddenly hard to get on or off

All of these could be signs that your restoration has been damaged. Quick action can help preserve your dental implants so you don’t need more surgery.

Handling Complex Implant Cases in Wichita Falls

At StarImage Dentistry, we are prepared to help with complex dental implant cases–there’s no need to drive into Dallas. This includes new dental implants and Teeth in a Day, as well as repairs or replacements of broken restorations. We can help even if you initially got your dental implants elsewhere.

To learn how we can help you with your dental implant case, please call 940-322-2252 today for an appointment with an implant dentist at StarImage Dentistry in Wichita Falls, TX.