Sometimes it seems like there’s so much in the world dragging you down. But it doesn’t have to be like that: there are so many great things in this world and in life that you should always be able to find something that can make you smile. You probably even know the things that can make you smile, but maybe it seems like they’ve been squeezed out of your busy life.

The good news is that you can typically find some way to fit them back into your life. Here are some tips for helping you to find time for the things that make you smile.

A elderly woman smiling

Trade Up Your Free Time

How are you currently spending your non-working hours? The odds are good that somewhere in there you’re spending some time watching TV or some other activity that you take as relaxing. But is that really making you happy? Or are you just doing it because it’s easy or it’s what you’ve always done after work or in the evening? Maybe there is something else you could be doing instead that would make you happier. Shake up your schedule and see if you can find it.

Don’t forget to look at how you’re spending your lunch hours. If you’re working through lunch, maybe you’d be happier taking a lunch. Is the lunch crowd actually bringing you down? Maybe you need some alone time to just walk and enjoy this beautiful world.

Make Your Happiness a Priority

When you’re making your weekly schedule, is it dominated by things you are doing for others? If so, maybe it’s time to make sure that you put something in your schedule for you. Maybe your spouse can take the kids to practice once a week, leaving you free to do something you love.

Drop the Digital Device

One great suck of our free time is social media and other online distractions. These are diverting, but they probably aren’t making you happy. In fact, being online can expose one to many sources of unhappiness. So put it down for a few hours a week to make time for the things that really make you happy.

Turn Down Invitations and Requests

If seeing others or helping others is making you happy, then it’s good to keep doing it. But so often we get roped into commitments that don’t really make us happy. Sometimes it’s best to just say “no.”

Doing this will actually help you reaffirm your commitment to the occasions and tasks that really matter to you. And people who love, honor, and appreciate you will understand if you need to say no sometimes. And those that don’t, well, why should you sacrifice your happiness to spend time with people who don’t appreciate the effort or care about your wellbeing?

Share the Load

Household tasks probably suck up a lot of what should be free time. Assess how the tasks are being divided in your home. Maybe some of these can be done less frequently. Perhaps your spouse should take a little more of their share. Are the kids old enough to take on some of these tasks? Getting them working around the house not only frees up your time, it can teach them valuable life skills.

If all else fails, maybe there are some neighborhood kids who would be happy to earn some extra money doing work around your house.

Still Don’t Feel Like Smiling?

So what do you do if you’ve found the time for the things that make you happy, but you still don’t feel like smiling? Well, it’s possible your interests have changed–experiment with new interests to find out what you love now.

Or maybe there’s something more serious going on. Talk to someone about your feelings and figure out if you might be suffering from mood disorders.

For some people, an unattractive smile can make you stifle the desire to smile, so much that you may even forget how. This can impact your mood and your overall quality of life. Fortunately, if this is your problem, cosmetic dentistry can help!

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