When it comes to lost productivity, migraines are one of the most serious conditions in the US. Migraines cost the US economy nearly $100 billion, according to some estimates. Of that cost, $21 billion is treatment, but most of the cost, $75 billion is in lost productivity. Migraineurs miss over 113 million days of work every year in the US, but most of the cost is related to diminished productivity while at work.

The truth is that these estimates for the economic cost of migraines are likely underestimated. That’s because they only factor in the cost related to migraine attacks, but migraines impact your productivity even when you’re not having an attack.

Business man with a migraine

Impact of Migraine Prevention Drugs

It’s a case of the treatment being almost as bad as the disease. Migraine prevention drugs can have serious side effects that impact your productivity. The most common migraine prevention drug, topiramate, can make it hard for you to think clearly. More than 20% of people experience this side effect. While it may pass for some people, others  see the side effect linger.


But it isn’t always the drugs that make it hard for you to think and remain productive. Neurologists have identified migraine-related cogniphobia: fear of thinking.

That’s because many people are afraid that if they think too hard, they’re going to develop a migraine. This keeps them from working up to their full potential. They may not do their work thoroughly, avoid challenging tasks, drag work out, or pass work onto coworkers.

Other Task Avoidance

But migraines can be brought on by many potential triggers, and people with migraines may seek to avoid any task that could potentially trigger migraines.

People who get migraines related to physical exertion may avoid physical tasks or take more frequent breaks than coworkers. Others with stress-related migraines may avoid any stressful situation, such as revealing mistakes to superiors or confronting problematic coworkers. Avoiding these situations can actually make them worse.

TMJ Treatment Can Help You Be More Productive

The good news is that there is an alternative to letting your migraines sap your productivity. We offer drug-free migraine treatment that can reduce the frequency and severity of your migraine attacks without debilitating side effects. TMJ treatment can combat migraines as well as jaw pain and other symptoms. This can help you be more productive at work.

Stop letting migraines keep you from being your best self–at work or at play. Please call 940-322-2252 today for an appointment with a Wichita Falls TMJ dentist at StarImage Dentistry.