Five Tips for that Perfect, Photogenic Smile

Probably we’ve all experienced this: the perfect photographic moment with mountains behind us, and the sun setting in the distance. There’s just one problem, our smile. It doesn’t matter if we have the perfect outfit or background, having a natural-looking smile can make or break a photo.

Getting there, however, isn’t easy. Maybe you just don’t have time for the things that make you smile, maybe you’ve forgotten how, or maybe you just feel awkward in front of a camera.

Whatever is holding you back, here are five tips for getting to that perfect smile in photos.

A young woman taking a photo

Close Your Eyes

The trick is incredibly simple. Close your eyes until your photographer is ready, then open them slowly and begin to draw the corners of your mouth upward. Not only does this alleviate the awkwardness you may feel about being in front of a camera, but opening your eyes moments before a picture is taken produces that look of calm happiness like waking up well rested.

Don’t Say Cheese

Used for several years by Hollywood photography, “Say Cheese” has become cliche and unhelpful. It is, however, founded in sound advice. Speaking a two-syllable word or phrase just before a picture is taken can mimic that of a smile. Instead of saying cheese, try saying something that feels more playful and original, such as “money” or “peanut.”

Do Whatever You Can to Not Focus on the Camera

When we say “whatever,” we mean it. Try shaking your head back and forth just before the picture. Turn your lips into a motorboat. Make a few strange sounds. The purpose of this exercise is to simply distract yourself.That way, your smile can be more spontaneous and natural.

Facial Muscle Exercises

Just as yoga loosens you up for the day, facial muscle exercises will loosen you up to smile. Next time you have to smile for a photo, try stretching the corners of your mouth while keeping your lips together. Hold the pose for ten seconds then release.

Another useful exercise involves impersonating a rabbit. Wiggle your nose from side to side twenty times or until you feel you cheek muscles become exhausted.

Cosmetic Dentistry Could Help

Many Americans feel unsatisfied with their smiles. Perhaps their teeth aren’t as white as they wish, or maybe they have unseemly gaps or chips. Whatever the issue, cosmetic dentistry can help. An attractive smile can boost your confidence and self-esteem, and help you reach a place where you want to smile for all the important pictures.

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