If you don’t have TMJ, you might think that it’s not a big deal. After all, what’s a little jaw pain? But the truth of the matter is that for sufferers, TMJ can have a major impact on their lives. Many things that most people take for granted can become serious challenges. This can limit your life in so many ways.

But if you have TMJ, you don’t have to live within these limits. Instead, TMJ treatment can help you break out of these limits and live the life you want, without the pain of TMJ.

A man's before and after of his dental treatments at Starimage Dentistry in Wichita Falls, Texas

TMJ Can Limit Your Diet

Many people with TMJ find it hard to eat an enjoyable and nutritious diet. Foods that most people eat easily can be very difficult for people with TMJ.

TMJ can make it hard to open your jaw wide enough to enjoy many sandwiches or fruits and vegetables like apples, corn on the cob, and more others. And if you can’t open your mouth very wide, you can’t take very large bites. This means that you may take much longer than you wish to eat. And this gets even worse when you consider that chewing can also take much longer when you have TMJ and can’t bite down as hard on foods. In extreme cases, people resort to a completely soft or pureed diet.

TMJ Can Limit Your Activities

You don’t know how much you use your jaw until it hurts every time you use it. Sure, you understand that you use your jaw to bite and chew, but you probably don’t realize that you swallow hundreds of times a day, and each time you are engaging your jaw.

And you probably don’t realize the role your jaw plays in stabilizing your head and anchoring other muscles necessary for other tasks. But once your jaw starts to hurt and triggers other symptoms like headaches, earaches, vertigo, and tinnitus it’s then that you see how important healthy jaw function can be. And how many activities you can’t enjoy with TMJ.

TMJ Can Limit Your Social Life

Your jaw also plays an important role in your social life. TMJ can seriously damage your teeth, making you very self-conscious about your smile. You may come to dread social occasions where you’ll be expected to smile.

And even if your smile hasn’t yet been damaged, TMJ can still make it hard to enjoy social occasions. Talking and laughing can be very painful, making social occasions pure torture. You won’t be able to enjoy conversation or just absently joking with acquaintances. And the resulting social isolation can increase your risk of depression, which is also associated with TMJ.

Live Life without Limits

If you have TMJ, you may feel the limits of it acutely, but you don’t have to be bound by them. There is an alternative.

TMJ treatment can restore your jaw to healthy function again. You won’t have jaw pain, jaw sounds, or restricted jaw motion. You’ll be free to eat a wider variety of foods again, live an active life, and enjoy a vibrant social life. We can then follow-up and reconstruct your smile if you desire.

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