Medical procedures can seem like scary, complicated things — and for those who must rely on them to fix a certain condition, they can be a source of extreme anxiety. For those who have recently lost teeth, and are hoping to replace those teeth to regain their smile, dental implants can be one of these procedures. Traditional dentures make sense, but how could someone implant another tooth into your mouth in a safe, and long-lasting manner? Much like with frightening medical treatments, and many other frightening things, once you learn more about something it slowly becomes less scary.

If you’ve been concerned about the state of your mouth due to tooth loss, but have been afraid of scheduling a consultation for dental implants, this blog is for you.

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What Are Dental Implants?

The best place to start is usually at the beginning, so let’s come to a pretty basic definition of dental implants. There are different kinds, and even different procedures, but we can get to that later. Dental implants are a tooth replacement method which surgically implants a titanium component into your jaw bone. This artificial tooth root attaches to a ceramic crown/services/dental-crowns’ target=’_top’ rel=’noopener’}}}}. During an initial consultation, measurements and x-rays are taken, defining where your jaw bone is, and then these are used to quickly and efficiently place an implant into that healthy jaw bone. Once the implant is placed, the magic happens.

Through a process known as osseointegration, your jaw bone and tissue begin to fuse with the titanium implant, creating a bond very similar to that of natural tooth roots. This process, and the various efficiencies that have been discovered (like CT-guided placement/services/ct-guided-dental-implants’ target=’_top’ rel=’noopener’}}}}!), is what gives the procedure a nearly 98 percent success rate. Because the body maintains bone around the implant and the ceramic crown is resistant to staining and chipping, it also means your implant will function for a very long time.

Why Consider Dental Implants?

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, dental implants can provide you with a safe, effective, and convenient way to rebuild your smile, and we can replace your teeth in just one day. Unlike other traditional tooth replacement methods like dentures, dental implants function much like your natural teeth. They require no special cleaning, they won’t fall out when you eat, and they won’t become uncomfortable throughout the day. More importantly, they can help protect your jawbone from slowly losing bone mass.

Naturally, your jawbone continually regenerates itself using stem cells. This process is started by stimulation received from chewing, and working the teeth connected to the jawbone. When this stimulation disappears, the jaw won’t regularly regenerate itself like before, which can eventually cause sunken looking cheeks and a loss in bone mass.

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