Maintaining Oral Health Through Middle-age and Beyond

According to a recent report by the University of Michigan, a significant number of middle-aged Americans are at risk of oral health complications. Worldwide, almost 98% percent of adults suffer from cavities, as well as 20% suffering from gum disease, statistics which only increase the older we get. Although there isn’t any clear answer as [...]

The Difficulty of Migraines

On top of being painful and demotivating, Migraines are costly. Last year alone the US lost almost $75 billion in productivity. Worse, according to a YouGov poll facilitated in the UK, sixty-four percent of adults interviewed believe their employers don’t understand the severity of migraines and their effects of staff. What this [...]

By |September 28th, 2017|TMJ Treatment, Migraine|

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Archaeological evidence suggests that humans have been attempting to replace missing teeth for over two thousand years. Missing teeth can cause speech impediments, low bone dentistry in the jaw, and shifting teeth--not to mention the presence of an unattractive gap in the teeth. No wonder this has been a cumbersome issue for centuries. Most early [...]

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How to Avoid Chipping Your Teeth

With restorative dentistry, we can do amazing things. We can make your teeth look as good as new. But the best way to ensure your teeth look beautiful is to maintain your natural teeth. A chipped tooth is a common form of tooth injury. This isn’t just a cosmetic problem--it can set your teeth up [...]